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Cornhole Board Stripe Decals

Set of 2 Cornhole Lights

Stripe decals for your cornhole boards
$12.99Free Shipping
Sharp borders that install in minutes. Save time and money Details
Cornhole lights allow you to play cornhole throughout the night!
$35.99Free Shipping
Don't guess where the hole is, light it up instead

Cornhole Board Circle Decals

6" Hole Saw For Cornhole Boards

Cornhole Circle Decals
$6.99Free Shipping
Don't fret about painting perfect circles. Install them instead Details
6" Hole Saw for Cornhole Boards
$25.99Free Shipping
Cut the perfect hole in your boards, every time Details


Visit BocceBallsSets.com for more about the game of bocce
Bocce Ball Set


Bocce is a yard game that's been played for thousands of years. The game involves larger balls called bocce balls and a smaller ball called a pallino. Players try and roll their bocce balls as close to the pallino as possible. At the end of the frame (all players have thrown their bocce balls), the team closest to the pallino scores one or more points.

Bocce is easy to play, but hard to master. This makes the game appealing to people of all ages and sexes. Another appealing aspect is the low cost. To play bocce, you only need eight bocce balls and one pallino (target ball). A cheap set can easily be purchased for $30 or less.



Bocce matches are made up of innings or frames. During a frame, both teams (there are typically two to four players on each team) throw all their bocce balls. To begin, a player from the team going first rolls the pallino. Next, the same player rolls their bocce ball in hopes of getting it close to the pallino. At this point, a player from the other team either rolls their ball toward the pallino or throws it hard at an opponent's bocce ball. Play continues until all bocce balls are thrown by both teams. Once all eight balls are thrown, the team closest to the pallino scores one to four points.

Although many casual players play bocce in the yard, it's best suited for a bocce court. A bocce court is a large rectangular court with a surface made of dirt, crushed oyster shells, crushed stone, short grass, or clay. The court is usually between 60 and 90 feet long and 10 to 13 feet wide. Many courts have wooden walls that surround the court and stand 10 to 12 inches high. The walls allow players to roll bank shots as well as protects them from rogue bocce balls that deflect when hitting.


At the end of the frame, the bocce ball closest to the pallino is point. Up to four points can be scored by a team during a frame, with only one team able to score. The closest ball to the pallino scores point. In our example, this ball is red. If the second closest ball to the pallino is also red, the red team scores two points. If the third closest is red, the red team scores three points. Four points are scored by red if all four red balls are closer than any green ball. If the closest ball is red and the second closest ball is green, the red team would only score one point because the green ball breaks the scoring chain of red.

Matches are typically played to a score between 12 and 17 points. The winning team does not have to win by two or more. In addition, a team can go over the winning point total and still win. For example, if a team needs 17 to win, has 16, and scores 3, they win the match without penalty from scoring more than 17 points.


Bocce is believed to have originated in Egypt. There is evidence that suggests Egyptians played a game similar to bocce around 5200 BC. The goal of the game was to throw rocks at a target. Modern day bocce is more complex, but the basic principle remains the same. At 800 BC, the Greeks picked up the game and widespread play began throughout Greece. The game, however, didn't evolve much from the Egyptian method until the Romans picked it up.

The Romans discovered bocce from the Greeks. They quickly made improvements to the game, including using coconuts and carved wood as balls instead of rocks. They also gave bocce its modern-day name. The name bocce is derived from the Latin word boccia, meaning ball.

At this point, bocce exploded across Europe and gained wide-spread popularity. Its popularity began causing kings and queens to ban the game because they felt their military personnel were spending to much time playing bocce and not enough time practicing archery. At one point, the pope even banned his cardinals and other clergy from playing in belief that bocce was a form of gambling. While many people were being banned from playing throughout Europe, people in Great Britain were playing more and more. It was the British that are in large part responsible for bringing the game to the United States.

As bocce began gaining popularity in the United States (George Washington had a bocce court in his backyard), it caught fire in Italy. Soon after, Italians began immigrating in large numbers to the United States. This quickly increased the popularity of bocce in the United States even more. Today, bocce is played and loved by millions of Americans.

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