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Cornhole Board Stripe Decals

Set of 2 Cornhole Lights

Stripe decals for your cornhole boards
$12.99Free Shipping
Sharp borders that install in minutes. Save time and money Details
Cornhole lights allow you to play cornhole throughout the night!
$35.99Free Shipping
Don't guess where the hole is, light it up instead

Cornhole Board Circle Decals

6" Hole Saw For Cornhole Boards

Cornhole Circle Decals
$6.99Free Shipping
Don't fret about painting perfect circles. Install them instead Details
6" Hole Saw for Cornhole Boards
$25.99Free Shipping
Cut the perfect hole in your boards, every time Details

Washers Game

Washers Game Set


Washer toss is a game that is played by tossing washers at a box/board. The game is similar to both horseshoes and cornhole. Teams are usually made up of two teams of two, although singles can be played. One-hole washers consist of a box with one hole in it. The box is generally 16"x16"x4" with a circular object protruding from the middle of the box. The cylinder, usually a PVC pipe or can, measures 4 1/2" in diameter and 5" in height. The washers themselves are typically metal and measure 2" in diameter. The boards are placed 20 feet apart from board front to board front.

To begin play, two players toss their washers from the same board. Each player tosses two washers. The first player tosses both of their washers before the next player tosses theirs. Once all washers are thrown, the score is tallied and play continues with the other two players at the other board. The player from the last scoring team throws first.

In order to score in a game of washers, players must land their washers either inside the can, inside the box, or within one foot of the box. The game ends when a team scores 21 points, is skunked, or whitewashed (see below).



As mentioned above, the washer boards are positioned 20 feet apart, board front to board front. Each player gets two washers to toss. Play begins by the first player tossing both their washers. They can toss both washers at once, but it is not recommended for accuracy reasons. After the first player has tossed both his washers, the next player on the same board tosses his. After all washers are tossed, play continues from the other board, with the team that scored last throwing first. When players are tossing their washers, they are allowed to have one foot go past the front of the board. Players can toss from either side of the board as long as they throw both washers from the same side in the same inning.

There are several variations of washer toss that exist. We will not cover them here, but some examples are:


A washer that lands within one foot of the box, leans against the outside of the box, or lands under the box scores one point. When a washer is tossed and lands on top of the box, it scores two points. A washer that lands inside the box, but outside the cup scores three points. A ringer, or washer that lands in the cup is scored as five points. When cancellation scoring is used (it typically is), only one team per round/inning can score. This is because each team's points washes out the other team's points. For example, if one team throws two washers in the cup (10pts) and the other team throws one washer in the cup and one in the box (8pts), the team that threw two ringers would receive 2 points. If both teams score the same point total, all points wash and neither team scores.

When tallying points, there are a few caveats. First, if one team throws a washer under the board and the other team tosses a leaner, the team under the box scores (they don't wash out). Secondly, any throw in the box or cup washes out ALL opponents' washers that are outside the box (within one foot, under the box, or leaning against the box).

The game is over when a team reaches exactly 21 points, is skunked, or whitewashed. If a team goes over 21 points, they must subtract their inning point total from their score before the inning began. For example, if a team has 18 points and they throw a washer in the cup, they must subtract 5 points from 18, giving them 13 points. The team that went over 21 points goes first to start the next inning.

If a team scores 11 points and their opponents have zero, a skunk is declared and the team scoring 11 wins the game. If a team scores 17 points and the opponent only has one point, a whitewash is declared and the team scoring 17 wins.


The history of washer toss is mostly unknown. One story has washers starting from people simply throwing washers into oil cans to pass the time with friendly competition. Although it is unclear whether this is true, it does make sense as washer toss is played with materials that are readily available at most homes (excluding the boards, which can easily be made from wood).

Words of the Game

Like most other games, washer toss has its own specific terms used during game play. Below are some of the most common terms.


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