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It's Official, We Love the ScoreBand!

posted by Admin on Thursday, November 29th 2012 at 5:05 pm

We spend hours upon hours every week scouring the web for cool products that make playing games easier and more fun. After all, the point of playing games is to have fun, not be frustrated and distracted. Nothing frustrates worse and kills your gaming buzz faster than manually keeping score.

How many times have you played cornhole (or any other game) and quickly encountered scoring hell as everyone gets into the heat of the game, forgets the score, and enters battle mode. "What's the score?" shouts Bryan [insert your name here]. "It's 15-10 us", responds Jason [insert the cheater's name here]. "No, no... wait a minute. We just scored 3 points last round. It's 15-13", fires back Bryan.

Oh boy. You're in for a long night.

Forget arguing about the score and wasting your precious drinking and gaming time on math. That's what school and jobs are for, not playing games! We're going to tell you about the solution to your scoring woes. We're going to fill you in on one of the coolest and inexpensive mobile scoring products we've seen to date.

A few months ago, Adam (co-owner of backyardgamez.com) was introduced to a new scoring gadget by way of gift. The new gadget is known as the ScoreBand; a watch that keeps score via its three types of scoring modes - golf, tennis, and all-score.

The Scoreband on Adams Wrist

The ScoreBand looks good! Even on Adam's hairy, pale wrist! Oh, and its 6:01pm.

The Nuts and Bolts, Keeping Score with the ScoreBand

The ScoreBand comes with an easy-to-understand booklet filled with pictures, so learning the tricks of the trade for keeping score isn't difficult. Being an avid cornhole and bocce player and a terrible golfer and tennis player, Adam only used two of the four features on his ScoreBand, the time and all-score functions. The time is self-explanatory, it keeps time. The all-score mode calls for a little more explanation.

The all-score mode covers many different games and sports and allows you to increment the score for each team. The two grey buttons control the incrementing, decrementing, and resetting of the score. Both score numbers show on the face at the same time, separated by an "A" for All-Score, "G" for Golf, and "T" for Tennis mode. Although Adam doesn' t use it, he posed for a photo of "G" mode. See below.

The Scoreband in All-Score Mode

Notice the button on the right side of the ScoreBand in the above image. The button is used to switch between the band' s four modes.

The words "Scoreboard" and "Fashionable", in the same sentence!

Adam received an extra-large (XL) ScoreBand. He's 5'8" tall, weighs 163lbs, and has a stocky frame. He said he could've gotten away with a large, but it was a gift and the XL actually fits him really well. It's slightly loose, but the band is made of a durable, stretchy material and actually molds to his wrist nicely.

He informed me he's one of those people that doesn't really like things on his wrests or hands (like watches and rings) because they're often distractions. However, the ScoreBand is lightweight and molds nicely to his wrist, so it goes largely unnoticed (which is a good thing for him).

The Scoreband Watch and Time Mode

It's now 6:02pm, just thought you should know!

Adam's ScoreBand is black and gray (as you can see above). However, the ScoreBand comes in eight color schemes. The band comes in both white and black, with buttons available in grey, orange, pink, and green.

We think the black ScoreBand with grey buttons is very sleek and stylish. Adam has received many compliments from both friends and coworkers. "That looks cool, what is it?" and "That's a neat looking watch, where did you get it?" are a few of the many he's heard.

Check Out The ScoreBand In Action!

If you're tired of being distracted by the chore of scorekeeping while playing games, do yourself a favor and check out the ScoreBand. At $29.99, its durable, fashionable, and affordable.

You can learn more about this great product, including watching it in action and seeing all the color schemes, by clicking the below link. It'll take you to the official ScoreBand (www.scoreband.net) website.

Watch The ScoreBand In Action

This Article Is Not a Paid Endorsement

Anytime we review or discuss a product, it's promotional by nature. Often, we (backyardgamez.com) do sell products that we write about, but this isn't one of them. We didn't get paid to write this article, we don't get paid if you buy a ScoreBand, and we currently don't sell the ScoreBand.

We just use and enjoy it!

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