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Introducing The Sounds of Cornhole

posted by Admin on Wednesday, July 24th 2013 at 4:21 pm
The Sounds of Cornhole
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Since opening our virtual doors two years ago, we've stuck to our laurels. Great customer service, free and fast shipping, and an inventory of backyard game products that change the way you play. It hasn't been easy. Keeping customers happy, dealing with damaged or returned products, finding new product, and rising shipping costs are just a few examples of the challenges a business like ours faces on a daily basis.

However, we love it! We love our business, we love our customers, and we love the products we sell. If we didn't, we wouldn't last long doing what we do. One of the things we love most is the constant pursuit of new backyard game products that promise to change the way people play. We strive to find products that are cool yet practical. Affordable yet high quality.

Today, we'd like to share an exciting new product that is not yet released to the main stream. It meets our rule of being cool, practical, affordable, and high quality. It's dubbed "The Sounds of Cornhole" and promises to add excitement to every cornhole game you play.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Before we get into the details, The Sounds of Cornhole takes me (Adam) back. When I was a kid (I'm now 32 for those wondering), I played a lot of summer basketball. My friends and I would get together and play for hours upon hours. We played on a typical paved driveway. That was fun enough, but one product changed our summer basketball forever. It metamorphosed it into a more robust, amazing experience that dominated our summers.

The product was a sound device that attached to the rim. When a ball entered the rim, it hit a flipper that triggered a sound clip stored on a speaker box strapped to the pole. It was awesome! The sound device added a "real-game-feel" to our games. Every time we would sink a shot, a crowd voice-over would play.

The reason I mention my basketball experience is because cornhole players now too have a sound device to make their games feel more like big-time tournament games with rowdy spectators.

What is The Sounds of Cornhole?

The Sounds of Cornhole is a sound device with a built in sensor. The sensor box mounts to your cornhole board underneath the hole along with a plastic battery case that runs off of 3 AA batteries. When your cornhole bag passes through the board's hole, the sensor triggers and plays a soundbite up to 8 seconds long.

Any soundbite can be recorded onto the device. To record a sound, you simply follow the included instructions. To summarize the recording process:

  1. Turn the on/off switch on the battery case to on (assuming you put batteries in it).
  2. Plug the included recording cable in. One end plugs into the sensor device and the other into your device that has your sound clip.
  3. Hold down the red recording button on the sensor box. You'll hear a loud beep and the recording light will turn solid red.
  4. As you continue to hold down the recording button, play the sound clip on your device with the volume turned up as loud as desired.
  5. When recording is finished, the red light will again beep loudly.
  6. Let go of the red recording button and unplug the recording cable.
  7. Repeat for the other sensor box.

Why Own The Sounds of Cornhole?

For our two devices, we used a laptop and a website with free soundbites (http://soundbible.com/tags-crowd.html) . The soundbite we chose was that of sports fans cheering loudly. Unless you've done this with something similar like the basketball hoop example above, your in for a treat! Hearing the sound of roaring fans as you swish a 3 pointer and win the cornhole match is just awesome!

OK, so we haven't actually bolted this to our boards yet, but hearing it on the table is almost as cool! We're actually planning on putting it on our cornhole boards within the next few weeks and video taping it, so stay tuned for a real life example of the crowd cheering as we sink a 3!

In the mean time, feel free to check out the below images and above video clip of the device playing the sound of roaring cornhole fans.

Where Can I Buy The Sounds of Cornhole?

To our knowledge, nowhere yet, but hopefully within the coming months this website will be selling it. We're very excited to finish testing this product. Once we do that and make sure it holds up under heavy play, we'll work hard to get this awesome new cornhole product in your hands at an affordable price. Oh, and with free shipping!

** UPDATE ** We're now selling the Sounds of Victory (cornhole). The product page is located here

The Sounds of Cornhole The Sounds of Cornhole Overview Each device runs on a battery pack
The wire used for recording Recording a sound on the device
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